Church attendance can benefit Christians in a number of ways by fulfilling their spiritual, intellectual, and social needs. Selecting a church doesn't need to be stressful. There are many non-denominational Christian churches that can offer Christians of all ages helpful benefits and spiritual lessons. Here are four things that a non-denominational Christian church can help you accomplish:

1. Make God part of your daily life

Christians should always have their minds fixed on Christ. Unfortunately, that is often easier said than done. Life is full of distractions that can make it easy to take your eyes off God. Building God into your everyday routine can help to combat this sense of distraction. Attending church every Sunday can give you a spiritual touchstone in your week. Once going to church on Sunday morning becomes second nature, you won't have to question as often whether you should or shouldn't make the effort to go. Healthy spiritual habits can greatly enhance your faith life.

2. Have your needs prayed for

Praying to God is something every Christian should do. Bringing your worries, praises, and troubles to God can help you have a strong relationship with Him. However, having others pray for you can be just as meaningful and important. When you're facing difficult times in your life, having others petition God on your behalf can bring you a sense of peace and well-being. Many Christian churches are like families full of close-knit believers. When you become a member of a non-denominational Christian church, you'll always have caring, compassionate people who can pray for your needs.

3. Enable the spread of the Gospel throughout the world

All Christians are called to witness to others, letting people know about the sacrifice that Jesus made for all mankind. However, some people have a special calling on their lives to further the Gospel in more intensive ways. Pastors and missionaries are some of these people, and many Christian churches make an effort to support pastors and missionaries as they do the good work of evangelizing. By claiming membership at a Christian church, you can enable the spread of the Gospel through your tithes and volunteer efforts.

4. Donate money to a worthy cause

Donating money is an excellent way to provide relief to some of the most vulnerable members of society. Many churches make an effort to help needy people in their communities. By tithing to a church, you can ensure that your money goes to a worthy cause that will help others.

For more information, contact a Christian church near you.