There are many reasons why you may not currently attend a regular worship service. Perhaps you do not feel it is important, you are not sure where you should attend, or you would rather worship alone at home. However, there are several benefits of attending a worship service at a local religious facility whether you consider yourself a religious person or not. 

Make a commitment to your faith

No matter what religion you practice, attending a regular worship service can help you grow in your faith. If fact, with all the distractions life throws your way, not having a regular time set aside each week for worship attendance makes it less likely you will attend on a consistent basis. Dedicating a specific time each week for attending worship is like making a commitment to your faith and your spiritual growth.

Fellowship with other believers

Unlike work or family relationships, friendships formed with other believers can be some of the most powerful relationships you will ever have. With faith as your foundation, you already have something important in common. Forming new friendships on the foundation of faith will help you grow together as you worship regularly in union with other believers.

Withdraw from the stress of the world

Work overload, relationship stress, health concerns, and financial burdens are just a few of life's problems that can weigh you down. Taking a break each week just to attend a worship service will take your mind off worldly things as you worship through prayer and singing at a religious facility. Setting aside time to focus on a higher power takes your mind off yourself and is a perfect way to release tension and stress.

Can benefit unbelievers

If you are an unbeliever who feels like something is missing in your life and you wish to explore religion, attending a worship service can help you get started. If you are curious about finding your own religion, attending worship at various facilities is a great way to find one that you can relate to and explore further.

There is nothing like attending worship with other believers to help you grow in your faith and learn powerful truths that can change your life. Regular worship attendance can lead to friendships in your faith community, which can be a source of comfort when you need encouragement or when you are struggling with a discouraging life event. Once you develop a habit of regular worship attendance, you will wonder why you did not begin attending sooner.

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